Private Patient Prices


Please note that these prices apply to patients seen at Beccles War Memorial Hospital or East Point Consulting Rooms (James Paget University Hospital). There are no additional hospital charges unless explicitly stated. Patients seen at Spire Hospital Norwich will be billed separately by Prof Burton and Spire and the charges may vary from those listed below.

Initial consultation charge (excluding investigations)                     £155

Follow up consultation                                                                    £115


Cataract surgery all-inclusive package (JPUH)                             £2599  

Photobiomodulation  1 year of treatment (27 sessions) one eye    £3525

                                                                                        two eyes  £4125

Photobiomodulation can also be purchased

as a block of 9 sessions                                                  one eye   £1175

                                                                                         two eyes £1375

Temporal Artery Biopsy (not including histology)                           £1598  


YAG laser capsulotomy                                                                   £385


Retinal laser                                                                                     £385


Intravitreal injection                                                                         £310*

*plus drug cost (Off license Avastin is the cheapest,

Aflibercept and Lucentis cost considerably more)*

Intravitreal implant device                                                              £499 plus cost of the implant.


OCT  imaging                                                                                  £55


Autofluorescence imaging                                                              £45


Colour photography of retina                                                          £45


Wide field Colour Photography (Optos)                                          £50


Fluorescein Angiograpy (FFA)                                                        £389


Indocyanine Green angiography and FFA                                     £512

Automated visual Field test                                                            £55

Goldman Visual Field test                                                              £80


MRI scans and CT scans can be arranged and are billed directly by the hospital as are blood tests.