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Professor Ben Burton has studied at Cambridge University then trained and worked in London at Moorfields Eye Hospital and now works as a consultant in Norfolk. 
Ophthalmological Prizes and Awards    


Finalist for James Paget University Hospital Innovation Award          2014


Outstanding contribution to CLRN research                                       2014


Macular Disease Society

ARMD service shortlisted for Excellence Award                                 2012


West London Ophthalmology Research Medal.

Ocular findings in hypogammaglobulinaemias.                                  2004


O. R. L. Wilson Scholarship,

Royal College of Physicians (Eye Trauma in Malaysia)                       1993


Royal College of Ophthalmology Duke Elder
Undergraduate Prize Examination (Third Prize)                                   1992


Allen Goldsmith Prize in Ophthalmology                                              1992


Non Ophthalmological Prizes and Awards


Finalist in Department of the year category

Research and Development Dept

James Paget University Hospital Awards                                     2015


Lyell Prize and Medal in Surgery                                                        1993


Peter Flintan Prize in Clinical

Pharmacology and Anaesthesia                                                         1993


Jenner Liveing Prize in Dermatology                                                  1993


Allen Goldsmith Prize in Oncology                                                     1993


Slater elective bursary                                                                        1993


Rosenheim Fellowship                                                                        1993


British Medical and Dental Students Trust Grant                               1993


Sydney Long Surgery Prize                                                                1991


John Jepson Memorial Prize in Medicine                                           1991


David Bailey Prize and Trotter Medal in Clinical Science                   1991



Editorial boards

East European Journal of Neurology, Kiev, Ukraine Since 2015 -


I have reviewed articles for Eye, British Jounal of Ophthalmology, Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, BMJ case reports and others.





Aids to Undergraduate Medicine, Burton JL and Burton BJL, 6th edition, Churchill Livingstone: Edinburgh.1997.


I am a contributor to Clinical Ophthalmology. A systematic approach. J Kanski 6th edition 2007. (Particularly the Neuro-ophthalmology chapter)



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Burton BJL, Hobart J & Thompson AJ. Neurology. Multimedia Postgraduate Medicine - Revision and Self Assessment for the MRCP Part 1. Edited by Rai G and Kelsey M. Harwod Academic Press 1998. This is a neurology chapter in an MCQ self-test compact disc with extended fully illustrated answers developed by doctors at the Whittington Hospital.


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Published papers

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